A fiction novel about the fight for reproductive justice in the U.S.

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Native Girl Rites

A story about reproductive rights, forgiveness, and silphium tea.

   This is a suspenseful fiction novel that frames the controversial topic of abortion within the social, economic, and political context that it exists. 

   This story weaves together a gripping tale from several perspectives - from women seeking care, the doctors providing care, and the religious extremists who want to end all abortion care.  The passion each side feels about their beliefs clash, and explosively collide within the confines of a conservative military town, Lafayette (a.k.a "Lafayette'nam" by some), North Carolina. The tragic climax of their confrontation is not so unlike many that have occurred here in real-life in this country during our long history of struggle over reproductive rights. 


    Mari- is a mixed race woman with Native American and African American roots.  She is aspiring to become a doctor like her father, Dr. Gray who became the towns abortion provider after a sham clinic took the life of his wife. During her time at school, Mari has an unwanted sexual encounter with a wealthy classmate who violates her body, and impregnates her with a child she refuses to have at this time in her life. 

      In desperation, she remembers the teachings of her Native American grandmother and calls on the powerful and omniscient Mother Moonshun- an ancient Native American deity whose domain it is to protect and preserve the health of women.  When she finds that prayer may not be enough, Mari then looks to her father who has fought hard to keep his clinic going despite the constant harassment  by religious extremists.  


   Amy-  a single mom, trying to escape poverty, finds herself struggling to make it in the town of Lafayette with a mulatto daughter born out of wedlock.  She meets Bob and Sherry leaders of Life-long, a religious extremist group who both convince her to join them on their path to an abortion free America.  

     She unwittingly agrees to participate in a plot to “scare the doctors” into acting right by firing an “unloaded gun” while pretending to be a patient.  The patients, the doctors, and the religious extremist all end up at the clinic where a plot to scare quickly changes into a plot to kill.  

This book has two riveting endings!