How Did Ancient Civilizations prevent pregnancy ?

    • Heather Ault to the left launched 4000 years of choice in 2009 which celebrated ancient forms of abortion and contraception.
    • "Heather Ault is the most creative artist working today on behalf of the abortion rights movement... her work deserves widespread distribution." – Carole Joffe, PhD, University of California, Berkeley

4000 Years of Choice

 “Anecdotal and medical evidence from classical antiquity tells us that the drug of choice for contraception was silphium,” writes the historian John Riddle in Eve’s Herbs: A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West. - by Cara Giaimo 02/2017


     Silphium, pictured on page one of this blog, was believed to have been used by ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks as both a contraceptive and an abortifacient.  It was used so heavily in those times that it was pictured on money, and has been believed to have been used to extinction.  Other contraceptive methods that have reportedly been used in ancient times include sea sponges over the cervix, acacia tree bark pessaries that were spermicidal, lemon wedges, Queen Anne's Lace, and Dong Quai.  Read more about ancient forms of contraception at the below links!     


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